Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Appleton Estate Rum is the national spirit of Jamaica. It’s widely considered as one of the best rums in the Caribbean and the world and has been rightly recognized as such.

The sugar plantations used to generate the molasses utilized in the rum have been harvested since the 1600s, and Appleton Rums have been in continuous production since 1749. The estate, which includes the sugar fields, refinery, and distillery, spans 11,000 acres in the Nassau terroir, a unique combination of climate, terrain, and geography that gives the rum its distinct flavor.

Appleton Estate Signature Blend is an excellent example of a smooth and flavorful pot-distilled Jamaican rum. Fruity esters typical of a warmer fermentation are perfectly balanced against vanilla, caramel, and oak aromas emerging from the barrel.

Appleton Estate Signature Blend is a blend of 15 rums of various ages and types, therefore there is no particular age declaration, but it has been aged for an average of four years.

This Signature Blend has a lovely golden and caramel color to it, as well as exceptional clarity. This rum is the ideal approach to make a routine day feel extraordinary.



On the nose,  notes of ripe banana, orange peel, pineapple, guava, ginger caramel, and molasses are encountered, as well as subtle grassiness and faint oak overtones. On the palate, there is still the sweetness of brown sugar, light tannins, and salted caramel.

The rum’s entire character is well-balanced between freshness and richness.


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