Casamigos Tequila Clase Reposado

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Casamigos Tequila was created as the outcome of a powerful friendship and many nights of tequila admiration between some notable individuals, never with any goal of becoming the ultra-premium, award-winning, and highly regarded tequila brand, it is now.

Casamigos co-founders embarked on a journey with their Master Distiller in Jalisco, Mexico, that spanned several years and involved numerous blind tastings. Only once they were all totally certain that it was flawless did they start serving Casamigos tequilas only in their own homes, where they quickly discovered that there was a high demand for it. As the Casamigos Tequila house grew, it became the preferred tequila of a growing number of A-list celebrities.

Casamigos Reposado is made in extremely small quantities with 100% Blue Weber agaves cultivated in Jalisco’s cool environment. Casamigos Reposado is oak barrel-aged for 7 months and boasts luscious smooth caramel and vanilla notes, making it ideal for shots and cocktails.



On the nose, it is oaky with a touch of fruitiness, vanilla, and a clear agave aroma at the finish.
It starts with a lively agave note, followed by a hint of oak spice on the tip of the tongue.
It’s gentle and oaky on the back palate, with a gentle pepper-agave finish.

2 reviews for Casamigos Tequila Clase Reposado

  1. Diana

    I love it!It is so delicious!!!!!

  2. Diana

    I love it!It is so delicious to drink!!!!

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