Stolichnaya Russian Vodka

Stolichnaya is the best-selling Russian export vodka in the world. The drink, affectionately known as Stoli, has earned a formidable reputation as a result of its use of the highest quality ingredients and the most advanced distillation and filtration procedures.

Stolichnaya has a smooth and velvety flavor that has won its loyal fans all over the world. It is carefully distilled, then filtered four times. The drink is a part of Russia’s tradition, having been born and raised in Moscow. The name means ” capital city” in Russian.

Stolichnaya has been producing premium vodka for over 80 years, following the same traditions and adhering to the highest quality standards. Produced using a sophisticated distillation technique and mixed with pure natural spring water to help achieve its purity and mellow taste, which is both unique and delicate.

This vodka has a neutral aroma with a very subtle malty note, a crisp, slightly sweet flavor, and a clean finish, making it ideal for cocktails. For those who enjoy vodka martinis, this is a great option.



Sweet and herbal notes that are subtle and well-balanced.

Wheat sweetness fills the mid-palate before transitioning to a prickly, peppery finish. Its body has a pleasant weight that evenly fills all sections of the mouth and covers the entire tongue.


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