Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose vodka is made from wheat that is cultivated in Picardy, France. The distillate is then shipped to Cognac, France, where it is combined with spring water and bottled after being distilled in the same region north and east of Paris. 

Grey Goose uses soft winter wheat, which is grown in October and harvested in August, giving it four more months of growth than summer wheat. “Superior bread-making wheat” and “soft wheat” are two types of wheat sold to Grey Goose (ie, low in protein).

Grey Goose is gluten-free, despite the fact that it is made from wheat. Gluten is removed from the purified final product during the distillation process.

The vodka’s water comes from a natural spring 150 meters (500 feet) below the blending factory in Cognac, which is bordered with limestone and supplies calcium-rich spring water. After that, the water is filtered to remove any contaminants. After filtering, the vodka is bottled at a facility devoted only to Grey Goose bottling. Instead of a screw-top cap, Grey Goose vodka is packaged with a replacement cork.



Grey Goose vodka is the first to be made in the Maître de Chai style, which allows for the production of smells throughout the distillation process. It’s composed entirely of French ingredients, including flavored vodka variations.


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