Casamigos Tequila Clase Blanco

The Casamigos brand is a Hollywood favorite owing to its celebrity co-founder George Clooney, but there is a lot of substance to support its elegance. Casamigos is a smooth, natural-tasting tequila distilled from 100 percent agave in the Jalisco highlands. “The best-tasting, smoothest tequila that didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime,” Clooney and co-founder Rande Gerber said they intended to produce.

Nothing beats a “Casamigos and soda” for a refreshing, celeb-approved cocktail, whether you’re at an A-list after party or just relaxing at home. Each batch is distilled in stainless steel barrels for at least two months, yielding a delicious blend of sweet agave, mild citrus, and a hint of vanilla.

The extra-slow fermenting process, which takes 80 hours to finish, gives Casamigos Tequila its distinct flavor and personality. The utilization of bagasse from the agave as part of the fermentation process gives the tequila a deep, rich flavor and a smooth, non-burning finish. Casamigos Blanco is light and refreshing, with a touch of vanilla and a silky finish.



On the nose, it has a strong vanilla note with herbs and agave fruit notes. There’s a touch of tropical fruit, presumably papaya or guava, as it opens up.

On the palate, it’s sweet and lively at first, with a pleasant agave freshness. It’s light-bodied in the middle palate, with notes of agave, banana, papaya, and vanilla. A tinge of black pepper and additional vanilla, as well as a medicinal flavor, may be found on the back of the palate.


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